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Colts Dominic Rhodes Calls The Jaguars 'Our Little Brother'

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Recently, re-re-signed running back Dominic Rhodes just gave the current leaders in the AFC South some board material:

"They're like they're our little brother right now. They want to be the big brother," said running back Dominic Rhodes, who is in only his second week with the Colts this season but came to know Jacksonville well while with the Colts in 2001-06 and 2008. "You get that thing going on, there's a lot of competition. They don't like us. We don't like them."

Well Dom, currently they ARE big brother. They've beaten the Colts already this season, have a one game lead over Indy in the win-loss column, and currently lead the AFC South. If they win Sunday, they take the AFC South, guarantee a home playoff game in Jacksonville, and send Dom back to the UFL.

Knowing this, it certainly doesn't help the cause of beating them Sunday by trash talking them the week before the game. Mike Vanderjagt used to do that crap five years ago. Look where that got him.

I like Dom and he will always be one of my favorite all-time Colts, but shut up already and just play the game. The Colts have played like inconsistent garbage all season. They have no cause for any kind of trash talk right now. If they aren't careful, and allow Jacksonville to run all over them and get an early lead, Dom and the 'big brother' Colts are going to get booed at home.

Trash talking is what the Jaguars used to do to use right before we'd kick their asses. Good teams don't talk trash. They just show us and kick ass. We've done more talking this year.