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Jaguars Coach Jack Del Rio Continues Sputtering Stupid, Useless Lie UPDATE Phil Wilson Suggests Del Rio Is A Moron

From Associated Press' Mark Long, who covers the Jaguars:

Del Rio on the #Colts asking for fans to be loud: "I think that's better than piping it in." #Jaguars

Look, normally one should never care what Jack Del Rio thinks, says, or does. This guy is so lucky to have a head coaching job, it's not even funny. The accounting departments at MIG and Lehman Brothers are more competent than this guy, whose 65-60 record with only one playoff win and ZERO division titles in seven years pretty much speaks for itself. He's also 4-10 against the Colts.

But seriously. When a head coach flat out lies, or at the very least, perpetuates a myth that has never been proven, that's just pathetic.

[UPDATE]: By all means, read the rest of this article, but I thought Del Rio was uttering this nonsense because he wanted to talk trash, and that for any truly honorable or respected head coach, such stuff was 'pathetic.' Well, apparently, according to Phil Wilson, Del Rio wasn't doing that. Jack wasn't talking smack. Jack literally thinks the crowd noise piping actually happened:

Jack doesn't think it's trash talk. He believes the Colts piped in sound. And I know for a fact it didn't happen.

So, in other words, Jack Del Rio is a hapless dipsh*t. Thank you, Phil. Carry on everyone. -bbs

Phil Wilson states it plainly:

Shame on Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio for perpetuating the myth that the #Colts once piped in crowd noise. Never happened. Get over it.

For those of you who don't remember or recall what the whole 'piped in crowd noise' lie was, Ed Werder of ESPN reported back in 2007 that the Colts had piped in crowd noise at the RCA Dome in an effort to make it louder. Werder didn't say this was a rumor, nor did he even cite anonymous sources. He just said it as fact, without any shred or pretense of proof. 

This used to make me made until I started 'hanging out' with media people at Super Bowls and NFL Drafts. Trust me folks. As big a joke as we think Werder is, his colleagues view him as an even bigger pile of mustache-covered nonsense. The only reason he is employed is because ESPN is a horrible company that hires anyone willing to dry hump Brett Favre 365 days a year.

Back to Del Rio, the last thing he should be concerning himself with is bringing up baseless myths and unproven rumors from years past. If I'm owner Wayne Weaver, my team better damn well beat the Colts Sunday. If they don't, and if the Jaguars choke away the AFC South division lead in December, the first thing I do before cutting everyone from the roster (save Maurice Jones-Drew) is fire Del Rio.

And here I thought the Jags had turned a corner in the useless trash talk department. Guess I gave them too much credit.