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Indy Star Writer Phil Wilson Body Slams Jaguars Coach Jack Del Rio

So, yesterday's little article exposing the paranoid ramblings of Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio, a man who continues to maintain that the Colts piped in fake crowd noise when the NFL itself said the accusation was Bubkis, was not well-received by some in the Jaguars community. There were even some Colts fans who suggested Del Rio was 'making a joke' by bringing up an allegation that the Colts were allegedly cheating.

Sorry, but Jack wasn't joking. Here's Phil Wilson, who has spoken with Del Rio many times:

But the fact that Del Rio doesn’t usually miss a chance to bring it up, each time he comes to Indy, tells you he’s still making the accusation that the Colts have or are still cheating. Which, Jack, they are not. If any Jacksonville writer or even Mr. Del Rio would like, I can personally introduce them Sunday to Lucas Oil Stadium director Mike Fox, a man I’ve known for a long time. A former basketball official, he’s as honest a guy as you will ever find.

Again, there really is no defense for Del Rio opening his fat mouth about this. It's classless. It's rude. It's the kind of stuff a head coach is supposed to be above. Unfortunately, Del Rio is not known for being above the maturity level of a five-year-old. He also likes point fingers at things not named 'Jack Del Rio' in order to make excuses for his failures as an NFL head coach.

Phil closed out his recent blog article on the Indianapolis Star with this oh-so-subtle dig at Del Rio:

But there never has been anything to [the allegation]. As I tweeted, Del Rio needs to get over it. He’s accused the Colts of cheating in more ways than this. I guess it’s easier to explain or rationalize how the other rival has won six AFC South titles and a Super Bowl ring while you have only one playoff win and no AFC South crowns because the other guy cheated. Whatever.

And with that, Del Rio is picking up pieces of his teeth from the floor after that drop kick to the face courtesy of Phil B. Wilson.

It's rare that you see Phil blast a coach like this, which must mean that Del Rio is a special breed of schmuck in NFL circles. And while Jags fans might find my tone here to be 'inviting' for trolling and trash talk, think again. I seriously think that if you personally find it acceptable that your team's head coach continuously spouts baseless garbage that isn't even rumor anymore, but a bold-faced, dis-proven lies, then there is something wrong with you. I'm not going to sugarcoat that.

If you think it's cool for your coach to spread false accusations about an opponent, you kind of need help. Just sayin'.

I'm sure there are many Jaguars fans who feel Del Rio is acting like a schmuck, and if they are speaking up about it, I applaud them. If Jim Caldwell or Bill Polian ever did something like this, we at Stampede Blue would be equally as harsh to them as we are to Del Rio on this specific matter. It's how we roll here.

That said, regardless of how Jaguars fans react to this, or to the outcome of Sunday's game, I just want to reiterate to everyone that the absolute best Jags blog on the Internets is Big Cat Country. Alfie Crow does a fantastic job there. Please do not go there and 'troll' his site. If you want to offer reasoned comments to an article they post over there, I encourage you to do so. But, don't troll. If someone over there is being as silly as Jack Del Rio has been this week, just ignore them.