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Colts Owner Jim Irsay Is Now On Twitter

While I often rant about the brutish and paranoid media and fan relations tactics of Colts president Bill Polian, you will rarely (if ever) see me get red-faced over Colts owner Jim Irsay. I've met him on several occasions (we have more than a few mutual friends) and everything nice that you've ever heard about the guy is true. He's warm. He's friendly. He cares about the team, the city, the legacy of the franchise.

He's everything a fan could want in an owner.

So, it does not surprise me in the least that our owner has made a Twitter account. And with posts like this possibly popping up on a regular basis:

Coltfans. I'd give you the complete injury report now but this thing only has 140 spaces

I can tell right away that I'm gonna LOVE Jim Irsay's Tweets.

Seriously, more NFL owners and top brass people should embrace Twitter. We'll never see grouchy old farts like Bill Polian using it, but his son Chris, who is also the Colts general manager, could benefit from its communicative powers.

Reaching out to fans and 'leveling' with them is often a nice way to break tension and diffuse combustible situations. Plus, it just shows that one cares about how fans think and feel. That's all fans really want. Bravo to Jim for embracing Twitter.

Here's to hoping we see many more Tweets from the boss.