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Peyton Manning Has 'Stinger' Injury In Throwing Shoulder

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Lost a little bit in the 'OMG THE COLTS ARE NOW THE SUXXOR!' ranting is the news that Peyton Manning admitted to having a 'stinger' injury in his right shoulder during the game against the Chargers. This could very well be true or, this could be the Colts (and Manning) finally starting to admit that Peyton has dealt with shoulder-neck-throwing arm issues since (at least) Week One, or so I've heard via the 'rumor mill.'

We noted during the game Sunday night that Peyton was wearing a sleeve on his throwing arm, a sleeve near identical to the one he wore on his non-throwing arm earlier this year as a protective measure since his off-season neck surgery. On Monday, Caldwell said the sleeve on Manning's throwing arm was there because of an 'abrasion' Peyton had suffered from hitting the turf.

Now, we hear Manning has a 'stinger.' Coincidence? Maybe.

This is yet another indication that Peyton has been playing through significant pain. Earlier this year, we saw Ron Jaworski make the observation that something seemed off about Peyton, and people roasted the often sharp ESPN analyst mercilessly for it. Now, we have news of a 'stinger,' which may or may not have happened in the Chargers game.

Regardless of what the truth really is, it's obvious Peyton is struggling, and it seems the injury might be affecting his ability to throw the ball even though he denies it. Factor in that Peyton is pretty much throwing the ball 50 times a game, and it's no wonder he doesn't look right.

All the more reason to re-focus on running the ball more. An injured, wobbly-armed Peyton Manning does the Colts no good if they are lucky enough to make the playoffs.