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Colts Owners Jim Irsay Tweets The Team's Injury Report For Thursday, Week Thirteen

He's only had the account up for about twelve hours, and already Colts owner Jim Irsay is providing us with Twitter gold.

When he isn't shouting out comments like this:

For ur info,Dr. H.S. Thompson is very much alive! In fact I was w/him during our bye weekend in Berlin. He was a little a little cranky.

He's Tweeting us an update of the Colts injury report for Thursday.

Ok Colts fans, are you ready for our injury list as of today?

Here is the status of our injuries as of todays practice: Joseph Addai---limited participation. Gary Brackett --- limited participation.

Austin Collie --- limited participation. Brody Eldridge --- full participation. Aaron Francisco--- limited participation.

Freeney-- full participation. Mike Hart ---full participation. Hayden --- no participation. Charlie Johnson --- no participation.

Ricardo Mathews --- limited participation. Robert Mathis ---no participation. Dan Muir ---limited participation.

Bob Sanders --- no participation. Clint Session --- no participation. Justin Tryon--- full participation.

Keep Tweeting Jimmy! Keep Tweeting! More after the jump...

Charlie Johnson --- no participation.

Dwight Freeney--- full participation. Mike Hart --- full participation. Kelvin Hayden --- no participation.

In case you are wondering, yes, this is Jim Irsay's official Twitter account. The Colts have confirmed it. And yes, it is a plate full of awesome!