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Bill Polian Offers No Update On Austin Collie

Last night on The Bill Polian Show, the Colts president offered no update on the status of injured wide receiver Austin Collie except to say that the team would evaluate him after 48 hours. Collie sustained his third concussion in seven weeks this past Sunday when he collided with a Jaguars linebacker in the second quarter.

And yes folks, it's his third concussion. He had one against the Patriots in addition to the one he sustained against the Eagles, which is why he didn't finish both games. I know the 'official' word from the team was he was lifted from the game for 'precautionary reasons.' If you believe that, I got a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

Other highlights from the Bill Polian show include:

  • Polian was non-committal on the future of Bob Sanders as a Colt after this season. He said part of the equation was what the potential new labor agreement would bring. This message from Polian (translated) means the Colts are likely to cut Sanders because his salary is too much in 2011. New agreement or not, if you think a player is important to your club, you keep him. A new agreement isn't going to stop the Colts from re-signing Peyton Manning to the biggest contract in NFL history. So, for the team president to essentially say keeping one of their highest paid players (Sanders) is conditional on a new labor agreement, that basically means Bob is as good as gone.
  • Polian iterated that Jim Caldwell challenged the defense prior to the Jaguars game.
  • Polian had happy things to say about Dominic Rhodes. He joked that Indiana is Dom's 'ancestral home.'  

The Bill Polian Show is a weekly radio program featured on Indianapolis radio station 97.1 HANK FM.