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Austin Collie To IR, Colts To Sign Veteran Safety Tweets Jim Irsay

There are a couple details emerging tonight that shouldn't surprise anyone who has read Stampede Blue over the past few days.

Austin Collie will likely be placed on season-ending injured reserve, and the Colts will use that roster spot to sign a veteran safety.  This according to Jim Irsay himself:

Austin doing well,needs long rest;signing veteran safety;roster moves and updates coming soon...raaaaaaiders week might involve monsoons!

And re-affirmed by Colts Insider Dan Graham:

Austin to IR, vet safety signed details coming..

Don't be surprised if the Colts actually sign a few players.  Reports peg injured safety Al Aflava with a high ankle sprain and I doubt the Colts keep his roster spot occupied for three or four weeks if he cannot contribute.  We have not yet heard the extent of Mike Newton's neck injury, but again, the possibility of signing multiple players certainly exists.  Irsay's specification of "veteran safety" narrows the list a bit, too.  DaJuan Morgan?

The conversation over the next few days will undoubtedly steer toward "Life After Collie" and it's certainly a topic ripe for discussion.  Personally, I think the Colts should look to re-establish the run game in his absence.  The Colts are getting healthier at RB, with Joseph Addai and Mike Hart allegedly set to return by the end of the season, and eventually they could establish some nice depth at the position.  They may be ranked dead last in rushing yards per game, but most folks tend to forget that, when Addai and Hart were healthy, the Colts were a respectable running team.  Addai was actually enjoying one of his better seasons.

Of course, the Colts were also running against nickel packages, and with Collie out, defenses will be less afraid to show standard formations and put that third linebacker on the field, a la the second half of last Sunday's game.  Still, the run game theoretically should improve as the Colts continue forward, and I see the Colts' best chance of establishing any kind of offensive presence during this home stretch and hopefully progressing from there is by getting back to the run game.

The Colts will miss Collie, as will the fans.  But I think we can agree this is in the best interest of Collie's long-term health.  Indianapolis will need to get creative in his absence and find ways to make up for the loss of any true slot receiver (all due respect to Blair White, who is playing well for an UDFA WR but still, understandably, nowhere near Collie's level) to work the middle of the field and keep defenses in DB-heavy packages.