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Sprint NFL Week Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen Game Balls

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Yeah, been been a little lax in getting you the Sprint game ball posts. Apologies. We were busy working on other Colts-related content that, in our minds, was more important. Also, during last week, we had a few, shall we say, interesting moments with some Jaguars fans and writers.

But, now that all that is settled, here are the game balls, voted by all of you, for Weeks Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen.

Week Thirteen: Special teams player Taj Smith- blocked punt for a TD, forced fumble

Week Fourteen: Wide receiver Pierre Garcon- 6 catches, 93 yards, 2 TDs*

Week Fifteen: Wide receiver Austin Collie- 8 catches, 87 yards, 2 TDs

*The Week Fourteen voting produced an amazing result. Pierre Garcon won the game ball by only one single vote. Garcon received 695 685 votes while quarterback Peyton Manning (who had 319 yards and 2 TDs that week) earned 684. Never seen that happen here at Stampede Blue.