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Luke Links: The Christmas Eve Eve Edition

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Meant to fire these out this morning, but holiday travel interfered.

This week's featured website is gift to our readers from the wayback machine, mostly because if I keep featuring only Colts blogs, I'll exhaust the supply soon.  So, selfishly, I'll promote some work I did in the past on highlight mixes that you may or may not have seen floating around the interwebs.  A user named NoNeverMind at ColtFreaks was gracious enough to host these highlight mixes I pieced together of Joseph Addai, Reggie Wayne and Bob Sanders, from the 2007 season going back.  You can check them out here, but you'll need a DivX plugin or DivX player to view.

The Sanders mix makes me sad now...


Official Team News

Media Analysis

  • John Oesher (Indy Football Report, AOL Fanhouse)
  • TJ Higley (Coltzilla) offers his Week 15 Colts Power Rankings.
  • Nate Dunlevy (18 to 88) argues that Collie doom-and-gloom is amplified by the fact that the Colts lost three players (Clark, Addai, Collie) in the same timespan, not just one.
  • Scott Bolander (Blue Sunday) writes that there is trouble ahead for the Colts in Oakland.
  • Josh Dhani (Colts Gab) ponders whether or not the Colts will keep Joseph Addai next year.

    News About This Week's Opponent

    • Silver and Black Pride shows that the Raiders traditionally play Peyton Manning well.
    • Vitorrio Tafur (San Francisco Chronicle) Raiders rookie tackle Jared Veldheer will have a tough task matching up against the Colts' Dwight Freeney.