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Quick Comment On Jim Irsay's Twitter Account

While most of us were finishing up our last minute shopping two days before the seasonal Festivus, Mike Florio and Jim Irsay were busy taking shots at one another over Rex Ryan's wife's feet, Twitter, and alcoholism.

'Tis the season, I guess.

Our own Collin McCollough wrote a nice article discussing today's little Internet slap fight between Florio and Irsay. This part of Collin's article is worth repeating:

I'm surprised Irsay's Twitter account exists, and continues to exist. I'm sure Bill Polian isn't the biggest fan of Irsay's tweeting, specifically his Adam Schefter-style breaking news approach to injuries. But Polian has no say over what Irsay does because, well, Polian works for Irsay. So from a team angle, I'm not shocked the account exists. I'm shocked it exists from a league angle.

It's no secret here that we all LOVE Jim Irsay on Twitter. Does it bother people like Bill Polian and the other stuck-up suits around the NFL? Absolutely, but that too is a good thing. Paranoia and the dislike of modern 'new media' are diseases that have infected the game of football. If anything, more owners and general managers should embrace what Irsay is doing. Maybe even try it themselves.

I mean, it was almost exactly one year ago that Colts fans nearly revolted against Irsay, Polian, and the Colts organization when they misled fans about their intentions involving playing starters against the NY Jets in Week Sixteen of the 2009 season. It's an event that still makes fans bristle, regardless of whether the Polian water-carriers want to acknowledge it or not.

Now, imagine if, prior to that game, Jim Irsay had Tweeted the team's intentions.

Much of the negativity surrounding that event would have been diffused right then and there. The team, and city, and the fans would have been spared the embarrassment of having CBS broadcast 60,000-plus fans booing a 14-0 team at home. Instead, those 60K plus fans would have known exactly what they were walking into last December, and likely would not have reacted so negatively to the team. I know I wouldn't have.

So, to Jim Irsay, folks like me encourage you to Tweet on. The NFL needs more open and accessible characters like Irsay, who displays a genuine love and affection for the game and its fans that, quite frankly, Irsay's team president doesn't.