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NFL Week Sixteen: Early Games Discussion

It's been an interesting start to Week 16 in the NFL already. The Steelers throttled the Panthers on Thursday night (no surprise there), the Cowboys missed an Extra Point late against the Cardinals, and Arizona cashed in with a FG as time expired to win 27-26. Now, we've learned that the Eagles - Vikings game is being postponed until Tuesday night, thanks to a giant snow storm getting ready to pound the East Coast.

There are two games early with particular Colts interest: Redskins at Jaguars and Titans at Chiefs. While a Jaguars loss won't knock them out, it would make a Colts loss today irrelevant, so we should all be Sex Cannon fans today. The Chiefs can knock the Raiders, as well as the Titans, out of the playoffs with a win at home, where they are 6-0 this season. Break your red out this morning before settling in to watch the Colts.

For those of you in the gambling mood, the over in the Patriots - Bills game looks mighty enticing (for entertainment purposes only).