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Did Tony Hollings Get Philip Wheeler Into Trouble?

Interesting Tweet exchange between former-NFL running back Tony Hollings and current Colts linebacker Philip Wheeler:

"@: "@: What da hell wrong wit ? Why yo ass on da sideline?"- put me in the game...:
"@..." awe man u done got me n trouble messed up

I wonder what kind of 'trouble' we are talking about here. It was apparently so bad Hollings had to apologize:

"@: I deeply apologize for asking why wasn't he in the game! Seem to have caused a stir in the Indy press!! #Imakeheadlinesbaby" chill out man u gone get me fired bra lol

Hollings is, like Wheeler, a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket. Naturally, he is going to wonder why Wheeler is no longer the starting SAM backer for the Colts. It's also natural that Wheeler respond by, essentially, quoting John Fogerty.

So, um, what's the 'trouble?'

I mean, from a fan's point of view, none of us are really all that upset Wheeler has been benched AGAIN for the second time in his short career. His replacement, Tyjuan Halger, had 9 tackles today in a 31-26 win over the Raiders. It's also been obvious, via the ole eyeball test, that the Colts run defense has been much better with Wheeler NOT on the field. Indy has held two straight teams under 100 yards rushing. Both games were wins.

So, no offense Phil. You're a cool guy. We all like you, your Tweets, and your pics with funny little Santa hats while sitting in the bathroom. But, this is a bottom line business, good sir. And the D looks better with you on the sidelines.

That said, I cannot imagine how Wheeler's Tweet, or even Hollings' Tweet, could get anyone into trouble. If Wheeler didn't think he was good enough to get in and make a difference, that kind of player would have no worth to this football team.

The only way I could see this whole thing causing 'trouble' is if Wheeler was Tweeting during the game. That would be a big no-no. All of us shall assume that was not the case, that Philip was more interested in the final score than responding to a guy whose 'classy' facebook pic is this.