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2010 NFL Playoff Picture: The Colts, The AFC South, And Seeding

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After yesterday's victory over the Raiders, and the Jaguars blowing it against a depleted Redskins team, the AFC South scenario is still very simple: There is only one spot left in the AFC playoffs.

If the Colts win against the Titans next week, they are in the playoffs. They will also win the AFC South division and host a playoff game. What the Jaguars do Sunday against the Texans won't matter. Colts win, and they are in.

The wildcard seeds in the AFC playoffs are wrapped up. The Jets and either the Ravens or Steelers are the wilds. This means the Colts must win the South, or they are not going to the post-season.

If the Jaguars win Sunday and the Colts lose, the Jags would go to the playoffs due to a better division record.

If the Colts lose and the Jaguars lose, the Colts win the South due to having a better overall record. The Colts (9-6) currently have a one-game advantage over the Jaguars (8-7).

Eliminated from the AFC playoffs yesterday were the Chargers, Raiders, Dolphins, and Titans. Dolphins were eliminated last week. Thanks to commenter who pointed this out. --bbs

It is still possible for the Colts to have the #3 seed if they win the AFC South. If the Chiefs lose against the Raiders next week, and the Colts win, both KC and Indy would have 10-6 records. Indy wins the tiebreaker because they defeated KC earlier in the season.

Both the Colts and Jaguars games were moved to 4pm Eastern on Sunday. Make no mistake, that move was to make the Colts play starters. The NFL does not want a repeat of last season.