Playoffs?! Playoffs?!

I don't know about you guys but I for one am super pumped about the playoffs this year. After that Cowboys game it was real easy to doubt the Colts and feel like we were going to be enjoying a first round pick somewhere in the top half of the first round instead of the bottom quarter like usual. Then the Colts came alive, I am not sure what did it, but that team just came together and started playing like we always knew it could. Some thoughts after the jump

First off, I am loving the feeling of nostalgia I am getting from the 2006 championship team and our current team. There is something about seeing Dominic Rhodes run all over opposing defenses that sends chills up my spine. Also, how creepy is it that we could play every team in the playoffs this year that we played in 2006, to include the Bears in the Super Bowl. Really Creepy right? The only way it could be any creepier is if this years Super Bowl was to be played in Miami, sadly its one year too late.

I know what I am about to write is super premature but, I am super stoked about the Super Bowl being played in Indy next year. Seriously, if we have all of or injured players back and healthy next year, and the run keeps playing solid on both sides of the ball, we could very possibly have the Number 1 seed next year. That would mean homefield advantage for two playoff games and hosting the Super Bowl at home. With all the fans in INDY there to cheer on the Colts like never before, how could they possibly lose? I know its far off and those are a lot of "ifs" but it doesn't stop me from being excited, especially since our team is always so damn good, those "ifs" are very real possibilities for this stellar Indy team. God I love the COLTS!

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