Worst Fan base and Why?

Ok, so I want to know who everyone thinks is the worst fan base and why. I don't want to hear the Patriots because they suck and the Jaguars because a very select few of their fans get on here and write some horrible, very upsetting, and very annoying things. Give me some solid facts, factors, or lack of tangibles to make your argument. My selection after the jump.

In my opinion the team with the worst fan base is hands down... The San Diego Chargers fans. I have been stranded out here in California for almost four years now. I am in the military and because of that I am surrounded by fans of all different teams from all over the country. I can talk with Patriots fans in a calm manner about the Manning/Brady debate. I can talk to Steelers fans and get them to admit Big Ben isn't the best quarterback around and I will admit to them that Polamalu is one of the best safties around. No problem talking to them about hey your team is good here and horrible here. But, try telling a Charger fan that their Bolts are not a dynasty and watch out. For example, on the morning radio show I listen to out here in San Diego was praising Phillip Rivers because he was on track to break Dan Marino's single season passing record and at that time was leading the league in passing. Two weeks late he was almost 20 yards behind Peyton and close to 100 behind Kyle Orton. They then paraded on the fact that they were going to go to the playoffs no matter what because they were a far superior team than KC. This is a team that has never won the Super Bowl. Rivers hasn't even been to one and their fans act really entitled. Like their team 'deserves" to win a Super Bowl. It is really upsetting to me to listen to misinformed fans trying to promote their team like it is the greatest team ever when it has a history less colorful than that of the Saints. At least they have a Super Bowl victory. They have been there, done that. So have a lot of other teams in the league. But the Chargers haven't, and they are not making any front office changes so I don't think they will win one under Phillip Rivers. Heck, the two quarterbacks they let walk before Rivers have both won a Super Bowl (Eli Manning and Drew Brees). They never should have fired Marty Schottenheimer, at least he got them to and deep in the playoffs. So, in short, I think the Chargers fans are the worst because they are the loudest fans on the smallest of stages. Just remember, Peyton wasn't even being considered being brought into the conversation of best QB's of all time until he got a championship ring, and without one, these Chargers are going to fade out of everyones memory and hopefully their fans will wake up.

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