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Speaking Of Stats, Dwight Freeney And Robert Mathis Rated High On Hurries List

OK, we're done bashing Bill Polian and his fat mouth for, at least, the next hour or so. Let's get back to football. While I was checking around Football Outsiders for Aaron Schatz quotes, I came across this little updated piece.

Apparently, Colts defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis are ranked 14th and 25th in quarterback hurries, according to Football Outsiders. Freeney has 22 hurries (1.8 a game) and Mathis 17.5 (1.5 a game).

Amazingly, Dwight and Robert are not the best rushing tandems and making NFL QBs feel the heat. That honor belongs to the Houston Texans. Mario Williams is second in the whole NFL in hurries with 32 (2.7 a game). That's an amazing stat considering Williams was IRed after Week 13.

Meanwhile, joining Williams in the top 10 is Texans teammates Antonio Williams, who has 25 hurries (2.1 a game). That's pretty impressive for Houston. Williams also has 8.5 sacks on the season while Smith has 4.

It just goes to show that even with a solid rush, a team needs at least as passable secondary to cover the receivers. The Texans secondary is the worst in football, surrendering nearly 13 receptions a game for 4,359 and 32 touchdowns. They also lead the league in passing plays surrendered of over 40 yards with 17. 

The Colts have the 10th ranked secondary in football.