Dream Free Agency

  • Re-Sign Addai, Bullitt, Dawson, Foster, Hagler, Hart, A.Johnson, C.Johnson (I know), Manning, Muir, Rhodes, Session, Silva, Vinatieri
  • Lose (UFA) Francisco, Hamlin
  • Cut Gonzalez (Sorry, but I can't stand the injuries)
  • Cut Sanders (Hardest move to make)
  • Sign Jim Sorgi (Curtis Painter scares me)
  • Sign Corey Lynch [RFA] (Go App!)
  • Sign Raheem Brock (Having a good year in Seattle, at the least he can compete in camp)
  • Sign Brandon Stokley (Compete in training camp, then retire just before cutdown, no guaranteed money)
  • Draft left tackle to start from day one in round one
  • Trade up and draft Torrey Smith in early round two (Smith would fix all of the KR problems)

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