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Colts Owner Jim Irsay's Tweet Of The Day: December 5th, 2010- Gary Brackett And Mike Hart Will Play

Jim Irsay's Twitter account is awesome mainly because Jim Irsay Tweets a ton of crazy sh*t. Whether it's him describing arm-wresting with Rob Lowe, or discussing his recent get-togethers with long dead pop culture icon Hunter S. Thompson, Jimmy's Tweets are pure gold. To celebrate Jim Irsay's brilliance on Twitter, Stampede Blue has chosen to highlight a Tweet a day from the Indianapolis Colts owner and CEO. Just to make things clear, these Tweets are indeed from the owner's personal Twitter account (confirmed by the Colts). This is Jim Irsay, unfiltered and crazy in all his glory. We hope you enjoy, because you know we do.

Who needs Adam Schefter or Jay Glazer when we can get our injury updates from the owner of the team himself, Jim Irsay. Jim Irsay Tweet of the day for Sunday, December 5th, 2010:

Headin to stadium now.gary brac and m.hart to play,we need it loud today,you guys literally can carry us to victory with noise and passion!!