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Jim Irsay Tweets News That Bob Sanders Will Go To IR, Ending His 2010 Season

We're not sure how happy Bill Polian and company are with Jim Irsay Tweeting this, but here it is:

Bob Sanders to go on I.R. soon...we need the roster spot with so many injuries.

Sanders went down in Week One this year with a biceps injury after missing most of the 2009 season. Since his surgery to repair the biceps injury, the Colts have not placed Sanders on the injured reserve list. Doing so would end his season.

The Colts held out hope that he would return in 2010, especially with safeties Melvin Bullitt and Jamie Silva also out for the year with injuries.

Seems Irsay's news just squashed that hope.

Obviously, the fallout from this is that, for the second year in a row, Bob Sanders has done virtually nothing for this franchise. The Colts shelled out $20 million in a guaranteed money, plus two years of a $37 million dollar contract, to a guy who has played in just three games since 2008.

Such a waste.