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Five Questions About Colts, Titans With Music City Miracles

Last night I sat down with Jimmy and August West and chatted about tonight's Colts-Titans game on Music City Miracles radio (you can listen here), so Jimmy was nice enough to answer some questions for everyone here at Stampede Blue:

Q: What's the biggest difference between Chris Johnson of 2009 and Chris Johnson of 2010?

A: The holes that he got last year.  CJ has looked at times like he doesn't have the same burst he did last year, but when you watch this offense week in and week out it is obvious that the offensive line has been terrible.  The lanes haven't been there for him to get to the 2nd level like he did last year.  Hard to hit the home run when you are getting tackled in the backfield.

Q: Why has the Randy Moss experiment not worked so far?

A: It hasn't worked because there isn't anyone on the roster that can take advantage of what Randy Moss brings to the table- the deep ball, and even if they could, for some reason they have decided that they don't really want to throw him the ball.  Jeff Fisher uses the excuse that the QBs aren't throwing his direction because he is getting
double covered, but Moss has been double covered his whole career and done OK.  Never mind the fact that Moss double covered still has a better chance of making a play than anyone else single covered.

Q: If Kerry Collins stays healthy, is he the starter for the rest of the year?  Is there a scenario where Rusty Smith gets another look as the starter?

A: I really don't see a scenario where Rusty gets another shot.  He was so bad against the Texans.  In fact, Chris Simms was the #2 last week, and he had been with the team for about 6 days.  I doubt there is a lot of faith at this point that he has a future as an NFL QB.

Q: Besides Peyton Manning, who do you fear the most on the Colts?

A: Jacob Tamme.  The Titans have gotten torched by tight ends all season long because of how bad that linebackers are in pass coverage.

Q: What do the Titans need to do to win tonight?

A: Force a turnover early.  I could go into the whole control the clock on offense and get off the field on third down answer here, but the truth of the matter is that this offense needs some confidence.  There is always the danger of falling into the "Here we go again" mindset if they can't get anything going early on, and the easiest way for them
to get that out of their heads is for the defense to give them a short field early in the game to get rid of the 13 quarters and counting without an offensive TD worry.

I also answered some other questions for MCM, and I'll add the link here once they publish the story.