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Week Fourteen Quick Recap: Colts 30, Titans

After Peyton Manning played two horrible home games, which saw him throw eight interceptions (including four returned for TDs), the best QB of his generation responded with a HUGE game on the road against the Titans. Manning was 25-35 for 319 yards and two touchdowns.

The most important stat of the night was zero turnovers.

The other Colts that had himself a game-and-a-half was Pierre Garcon. He had two TDs on the night, but his most important play was the 43-plus yard catch and run that set-up Adam Vinatieri's critical 47-yard FG to give the Colts a 30-21 lead late in the fourth quarter. How Pierre fought out of, what seemed to be, five Titans defenders on a routine slant pattern to gain an extra 40 yards, I don't know. The light has come on for this kid, and it has come when the team was most desperate for a playmaker.

Overall, not a great night for the defense. They started well, but faded in the second half, allowing the Titans back in the game behind Chris Johnson's 22 rushes for 111 yards. Johnson also had 8 catches for 68 yards. But, they did just enough to get the job done.

And now about Taj Smith! Second week in a row with a big special teams play. Sure, all he did was recover a punt that was sent over Brett Kern's head, but still. Nice job, kid! The Colts scored two plays later, going up 21-0.

Again, the key stat was the turnover battle. The Colts committed zero turnovers, and generated two of their own. Oh, and yeah. That Manning guy is pretty good.

One down. Three to go.

Go Colts.