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Bill Polian blames offensive line and special teams for Super Bowl loss

Can't disagree with this:

Polian said the Super Bowl simply came down to execution.

"… There were certain situations throughout the game where we didn’t execute — most notably, the failure to get the first down and run the clock out at the end of the first half after a magnificent goal-line stand and then, of course, the failure to handle the onside kick," Polian said. "We had four things we could have done positively on that play. We didn’t do any of them. That absolutely changed the game. It went from our getting the ball on their 40-yard line to having them march down for a touchdown. Then, our inability to punch it in from first-and-goal on the 3. Those situations, we did not execute."

One thing to mention here is if Bill Polian is looking for a reason why the offensive line could not get it done, all he needs to do is look in the mirror. I'm not one to bash Bill Polian for draft mistakes, but two very highly drafted players (Tony Ugoh and Mike Pollak) were on the bench for Super Bowl 44 because they kind of, you know, stink!

Ugoh was replaced this year by a utility lineman drafted in the 6th round in 2006 (Charlie Johnson) while Mike Pollak lost his job to a free agent who was playing Arena II football in Boise last year (Kyle DeVan). Blaming DeVan and CJ for the loss is silly because all season long the two have played well above their pedigree. However, there is no denying the o-line lacks talent. Jeff Saturday and Ryan Diem are old, and while I am thrilled Ryan Lilja made a comeback this year, there is no guarantee he will be able to stay healthy next year.

O-line is the #1 concern for this team heading into the 2010 Draft. Polian absolutely must hit a few home runs and get some youth and talent infused into this group.