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Mocking the Draft posts a very good mock draft

I do occasional writing for Mocking the Draft, SB Nation's NFL Draft blog. Mocking Dan has really taken over the site, which was the intent all along. What he's done over there is great, and he deserves a lot of credit for really enhancing SB Nation's mock draft content. Prior to MoT, our mock draft content was, essentially, individual SB Nation football blog working with outside sites. Now, we have someone in-house with a great blog and a solid community.

Dan posted his latest Mock Draft this morning. Here are some golden nuggets.

2. Detroit- DT- Gerald McCoy- Oklahoma

- Detroit has a lot of needs and defensive line is one of them. McCoy is a disruptive force and would help in both the running game and creating pressure on the quarterback. Maybe they could trade down and pick up some extra picks and go after someone like Joe Haden. But who is going to trade up? Maybe someone after Bradford?

31. Indianapolis- T- Charles Brown- USC

- The main focus of the Colts is to keep Peyton protected. While the offensive line was stable depth and talent is needed. Brown has the potential to become a very good left tackle.