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Why Mike Tunison cannot quit Stampede Blue


Dear Mike,

If your goal was to ignore me because my arguments are "pathetic," you're really doing a bang-up job, buddy!

Also, I don't need your traffic, you conceded schmuck. Our little site does very well for itself, thank you very much, especially considering we are a team-specific blog. So, when I make fun of you, insult KSK, and (in general) piss in your pool, I don't do it because I'm looking to boost my page views for the day.

I do it because I enjoy watching you get all pissy about it the way you enjoy calling Colts fans "fat humps." I know you certainly don't do that for the page views. I mean, there's only 11 of us in the whole universe!

Please continue to post here, Mike, while at the same time telling your Twitter friends that you refuse to respond to me because I'm pathetic. It's nothing but pure entertainment.


Big Blue Fat Hump


P.S.- Just because we're nice guys here, we invite our readers to check out Kissing Suzy Kolber. They need the traffic over there to keep going due to the fact that they've clearly jumped the shark (or, nuked the fridge... what you will) as a football "humor" site.