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John Oehser, in his own way, sticks his knee in Pat Kirwan's crotch

From John Oehser:

Porter made a good read, and without question, Manning and the Colts would love to have the play back. They also without question will review the offense for predictability and tendencies, as they do every year. But to think that teams have caught up with the offense and are routinely anticipating what they're doing is a bit extreme.

Please John, allow me to be the juvenile ass fart here. I've got a pretty good idea this comment was in response to Pat Kirwan's rather stupid assertion that the Saints now have the "blueprint" to beat the Colts. So, I'll just put the icing on the cake by saying Pat's comments seem to reinforce the notion that there is a very legitimate reason why he is not longer working in the NFL.

It's because he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Also from John:

This is not to say the Colts shouldn't have won Sunday. They should have. They feel that way. Their fans feel that way, too. It's just that to paint it as a choke or as underachieving may not be as accurate as some believe.

Again, juvenile ass fart translation for the schmuck contingent out there, if you think the Colts "choked" away the 2009 season, you're a f*cking moron. Have a nice day.

Be sure to read the rest of John's article. File this under "good journalism."