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The stupid "Manning legacy dented" thing

I liked Jonathan Vilma long before Super Bowl 44. He was run out of New York by then-Jets coach Eric Mangini, who doesn't know how to coach to save his life. My opinion of Vilma jumped up another 5 notches after the Super Bowl when, down in the player locker room area, I saw Vilma walk up to a departing Jeff Saturday and whisper something to him. Satuday smiled and gave Vilma a quick hug, thanking him for the compliment. Vilma shook his hand and went on to party into the night.

Jonathan Vilma. Classy guy.

Vilma also has some words for people who seem to moronically think Peyton Manning legacy was "damaged" by him throwing for 333 yards, 1 ID, 1 INT, and a 87 QB rating in the Super Bowl. From Paul Kuharsky:

"I don’t think it dents him," Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma said. "He’s one of the top three quarterbacks in the league right now. Would he like to have that throw back? Of course. But every quarterback would like to have his interceptions back.

"I don’t think it really does anything to his legacy. He’s still going to be a Hall of Fame quarterback. And if he wins another, he’ll probably be the best quarterback to ever play the game."

Paul Kuharsky is simply wrong when he maintains that the Super Bowl hurt Manning's legacy. I say this with affection for Paul. I love the little bald dude! However, he has a tendency to come up with opinions that don't seem to be backed up by anything truly tangible, like when he said Tom Brady was the QB of the decade. NFL players, coaches, and personnel people don't agree with him. I spoke to many of them; all seemed to agree Manning is the gold standard. The only people who might take Kuharsky's side are lazy, out-of-touch NFL writers like Jason Cole and the same loser NFL fans who are bashing Manning now but didn't have the stones to do it prior to last Sunday.

When people like that are in your corner about something, it should tell you all you need to know about the strength of your argument on that subject.

Manning's legacy is just fine. Anyone who disagrees is an idiot. It's literally that simple. If I have to spell it out for you by reading you a laundry list of Manning accomplishments, you are already a schmuck and changing your warped, infantile mind is nothing but an exercise in futility for me.

Yes, I'm talking about you Peter Bean. After you're done shouting to the world that Peyton Manning "choked" in Super Bowl 44, you can go back to stroking Vince Young off before you head over to your nearby Hooters to pick fights with 65-year-old men (true story... the 65-year-old-man thing, not the Vince Young stroke job, I think). P.S.- I'm secretly jealous Peter gets to party at the South Bend Hooters.