The "Valentine's Day Can Bite Me" Open Thread

Today is Valentine's Day. A day where Hallmark and Hershey's earn most of their revenues from stupid saps frolicking around pledging their love to one another. If someone really loves and cares about you, then he or she should say it more than once a year. This day is suppose to erase all of the crap your significant other put you through the past year by buying you a $2.00 crappy card, dead flowers, and some cheap ass chocolates from Walgreen's. Now, you may think I'm some depressed chick giving grief to couples; but I'm just being a realist. I'd rather someone tells me he loves me on his own volition, not because a chubby, little kid with wings and a bow and arrow that America has fabricated into a holiday compels him.

Use this open thread to discuss your hate (or love) for Valentine's Day, how the NFL's offseason sucks, and why the other major professional sports in America can't compete with the NFL (i.e. the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest last night).

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