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So, I take it having Valentine's Day on a Sunday with no football was not popular


Over 1700 comments in one thread about how Valentine's Day sucks? My goodness, you people are a chatty bunch.

For something to chat about this morning, why don't we start with Reggie Wayne and his effort (or supposed lack thereof) during the Super Bowl. ESPN's Paul Kuharsky had some strong words regarding Wayne after re-watching the Super Bowl:

Reggie Wayne’s effort on two big passes seemed questionable. He and Manning can praise Tracy Porter endlessly, but Wayne seemed to give up on the route. He allowed Porter to gain position on a pattern analysts say he’s got to be sure continues and crosses the corner who’s in coverage. The move he made before he made his break didn’t look like much and the cut wasn’t very sharp.

The last time I criticized Reggie Wayne's effort was in the 2007 regular season game against the Chargers; the one where Dwight Freeney broke his foot. Wayne seemed to give up on a route in that game allowing Antonio Cromartie to pick off one of six Manning INTs in that game.

Was Reggie's effort "questionable" in the Super Bowl? I have no re-watched the game yet.