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New Mock Draft: Colts take Sean Weatherspoon

From MtD:

31. Indianapolis Colts
Sean Weatherspoon | Linebacker | Missouri: The Colts have to be hoping that one of the offensive tackles falls, but that might not be the case. Brandon Spikes is a higher-rated linebacker, but Weatherspoon fits their defensive scheme much better. He can play inside if Gary Brackett isn't brought back. Or he can play outside if needed.

If the Colts take anyone other than an offensive lineman in the first round, I might tear my hair out. And no offense to Mocking Dan, who does a great job at MtD, but it seems every. friggin. year. people have the Colts taking some kind of linebacker in Round One.

That have NEVER happened in twelve years of Bill Polian working the War Room at West 56th Street in Indianapolis. Never.

OK, not never. It happened once. It was Rob Morris, and people crucified Polian for that move for years. It was also done during the Jim Mora years, pre-Tony Dungy.

The reason is that Indy usually doesn't draft LBers high is in Indy's style of defense paying a linebacker first round money makes no sense. Give that money to Gary Brackett, who damn well better be back in 2010 or someone should get fired! Trade up, trade down, trade sideways. I don't care. Offensive lineman in Round One, or some kind of skill position player.

Oh, and not Tim Tebow. Gregg Doyel should be whacked in the nuts with a baseball bat for suggesting that.