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Discussing recent Colts roster moves

Thanks to teej813 for Fan Posting the recent roster moves. We also know that that Polian signed former Titans defensive tackle Mitch King. That moaning sound you hear in the background is Joe (aka shake n bake). Joe gets excited when more former Iowa Hawkeyes join this team.

Bill Polian has done a great deal in recent years to shore up the DT spot. Daniel Muir, Antonio Johnson, and Eric Foster did an outstanding job in 2009. The Saints, who had arguably the best three-headed rushing monster in football, ran for less than 3 yards a carry in the Super Bowl. Now, add a young blue chip like Mitch King into the mix, along with last year's second round pick Fili Moala, and the tackle rotation feels very good.

Small side note on Moala, he was not ready for the pressures of NFL life when he came out of USC. I saw that in his eyes and body language when I interviewed him at the Super Bowl. He told me he went from an environment where he had no pressure (USC) to a place where he was expected to work and produce. Speaks volumes about Pete Carroll, doesn't it?

But, Moala did say he appreciates it when John Teerlick gets on him in practice, and such coaching motivates him to become better. He also rolled his eyes when I mentioned the meal he had to pay for months ago. That little "hazing moment" didn't sit well with him, but I also got the sense that the d-line in Indy is very tight. They look out for one another.

Fili will be fine.