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Titans will lose Bulluck, Mawae, Vanden Bosch, entire roster of decent players

Well, at least they still have Vince Young:’s Steve Wyche reported Tuesday night that the Titans could part ways with veterans Kevin Mawae, Keith Bulluck and Kyle Vanden Bosch.

Wyche said on NFL Network’s "NFL Total Access" that Mawae was told to expect to hit the open market when free agency starts March 5. Mawae’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, told The Tennessean on Monday that he was still waiting to hear from the Titans. Wyche said Mawae would like to return to Tennessee, but the team just "may not be proactive."

Bulluck was always an over-rated boob of a player who did more talking than winning actual football games. However, he's not the type of player that is easily replaced; nor is Kevin Mawae or Kyle Vanden Bosch. Last season, the Titans let their best player on defense (Albert Haynesworth) walk after he helped guide them to a 13-3 season and an AFC South title. After his departure, the Titans started the 2009 season 0-6, their defense was awful, and they missed the playoffs. Now, in the 2010 off-season, they are likely going to lose their captain on defense, their anchor on the offensive line, and the only guy on the d-line who could rush the passer.

Yep. That's not good for Titans fans.

Now before the Tennessee faithful come in here and start hating on me, I've long maintained that Jeff Fisher is a great coach (even though many Titans fans think he sucks). However, the Titans have a lot of money and draft picks locked up in their shaky QB, their dynamic running back, and their unproven receivers. However, Fisher is a defensive-minded coach, and next year his defense will likely be minus several key players, including three-fourths of the d-line that was THE reason the Titans went 13-3 in 2009. They play in a division which features Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub.

See where this is going?

From a Colts fan's perspective, a player like Vanden Bosch would be nice on a team that needs more depth at defensive end. I'd have no problem seeing him signed for the right price.