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Ed Johnson gets his third or fourth "second chance"

Remember when the Colts cut Ed Johnson again in the middle of the season? Remember how some people here (aka, ME!) were worried we'd see a repeat of the 2008 season, where teams ran on the Colts at will? Remember how some folks laughed at the idea of Daniel Muir and Antonio Johnson as starting DTs?

Flash forward to today, and once again Bill Polian shows us why he is a future Hall of Famer.

However, even though Ed Johnson's career with the Colts is indeed over (mainly because Ed was fat, lazy, and stupid), the Carolina Panthers have decided to bring in the big guy and give him yet another second chance. Former Colts defensive coordinator Ron Meeks runs the defense in Carolina. So, already, the staff have strong familiarity with Ed. It is a bit puzzling when you think that last year Carolina had all these terrible injury problems with DTs. After Big Ed was cut, why didn't Carolina snatch him right up? A lack of healthy DT talent seems to be a reason that team did not make the playoffs.

In any case, despite Ed being a fat, lazy schmuck with the Colts, people often talk about how much of a good guy he is. So, I hope things turn out well for him.

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