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More entertainment from Mike Tunison and KSK

Mike Tunison continues to say nasty, hateful things about me. He's also a conceded jackass. But, you kind of knew that already. Lots of cursing and general stupidity from Tunison and his gaggle of KSK drones after the jump.

Also, after the jump, I remind Mike again that I do not reference him on this site because I need hits or page views from KSK. I insult him for the same reason he insults me: Because it's fun!

Mike, once again, I don't need your traffic. I don't insult, belittle, demean, and make fun of you because I need the KSK community to roll their eyeballs over here. My site traffic is just fine, thank you very much. Only a conceded asshat on your level would think that I take shots at you because I need the numbers. Many of the football bloggers here at SB Nation get a good laugh at your experience when they read your whining on that very point.

What you fail to grasp (because, again, you are a conceded ass) is that I make fun of you because I enjoy it. It's fun! It's entertainment. The moment it becomes boring and uninteresting to call you names and insult your site is the day I'll stop. I mean, ever since your site became unfunny and uninteresting, how else am I going to get any enjoyment out of KSK?

I'd think you of all people would appreciate the joy in making fun of people who very much deserve to made fun of. And, let's just be honest here pal, no one on the entire Internet (save these guys) deserves to be ridiculed more than KSK and their silly little flock of followers. You guys just had it coming. Oh, and the way you have reacted to it kind of suggests you didn't expect it, which, of course, adds to the humor.

On that note, here are some of the wonderful things Mike Tunison and the KSK community continue to write about me and other Colts fans because they all have serious penis envy, or something along those lines:

85 Says:

I’m at a loss. The asshole Stampede Blue Hump writes this:

Rather than kindly and passively ignoring their obvious stupidity, it is sometimes best to point a finger at that somebody, call them a f*cking idiot to their face for their opinions that they share with you without you even asking for them, and walk away from them as their stare at you, stupefied that anyone DARED to call them out on their BS.

And yet we had that stupid fuck Monkey Business wah-wah-wahhhhing that Ape DARED to call him out on his BS. Asking why he picked on an unfunny and unpopular commenter rather than, oh, I don’t know, "kindly and passively ignoring their obvious stupidity." And this came AFTER the Colts lost, mind you. And we were all assholes for picking on Colts fans for daring to call them know-nothing homer humps for the nonsense they spread all over the place.

And sure, Humps, I’d take Trent Dilfer’s opinion as gospel, too. After all, he won one Super Bowl. He MUST be a great QB.

Christmas Ape Says: February 18th, 2010 at 12:17 pm

Oh Jeebus. Did that traffic-seeking retard BBS reference me on yet another post on his shitty blog? No wonder the people who run SB Nation hate him. That makes at least 10 times he’s done that in the last few weeks.

What a whiny obsessive fucking loser.


Christmas Ape Says: February 18th, 2010 at 12:20 pm


I removed the link to the Stampede Blue post from your comment. He does that shit specifically to get traffic from us. Don’t reward him for being a desperate dipshit.

Again, thanks for continuing to be a ass, Mike. The entertainment is appreciated. Also, I really hope "85" is an Ochocinco fan; that makes his little rant against Colts fans all the more special and enjoyable to laugh at.