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Melvin Bullitt quickly becoming one of my favorite Colts

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Melvin's father, Jerry, always wanted to play in the NFL. However, his career was cut short when it was revealed he had two ruptured discs in his back. Jerry passed his love for football onto Melvin, and Melvin has certainly made the most of it. An undrafted player out of Texas A & M, Melvin Bullitt was signed by the Colts in 2007. He wears #33 because that was his father's number, and it's because of that fact that Melvin refused to relinquish #33 when Dominic Rhodes came back in 2008.

Melvin worked his way up the roster, from special teams to reserve safety to starting safety. He's done more to solidify the strong safety position for the Indianapolis Colts than Bob Sanders the last two years.

However, it isn't Melvin's work ethic or talent that makes you love the dude. It's his desire to win:

Indianapolis Colts safety Melvin Bullitt doesn't want to look at his AFC Championship Game ring and constantly be reminded of the more impressive jewelry he didn't win.

So rather than dwell on a Super Bowl XLIV loss to New Orleans on Feb. 7, the third-year pro is giving the AFC ring to his father, Jerry.

"I decided that after we lost," Bullitt said Wednesday, in reference to the 31-17 defeat in Miami. "It was really more about how I don't want to accept the fact we didn't reach our goal.

"Each day, it eats at me. Every day. It crosses my mind every day."

Melvin chose to give his AFC Championship ring to his dad, Jerry. It's a wonderful gesture, and a clear sign that Melvin is a keeper. 

Indianapolis Star- Bullitt gives AFC title ring to father