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Great Colts of the Decade: The Results

The 2000s were a great decade for the Colts. During that time, they put a stamp on NFL history and developed into one of the NFL powerhouses. Prior to the start of the playoffs this year, we did some polling around here for Greatest Colts of the Decade. The categories ranged from great players at specific positions to great moments that we will all remember fondly for years to come. These categories received thousands of votes, and overall they seem to reflect what a majority of Colts fans view as "The Greatest" of last decade.

After the jump, check out the results along with a few funny comments pulled from the voting threads. Enjoy.

Go Colts!

Great Colts of the Decade: Manning Moment

Winner: Losing late in the 4th of the 2006 AFCCG, Manning leads one of the greatest 4th quarter drives in playoff history; making several key throws to move the chains, the Colts score a TD to go up 38-34 and eventually defeat their rivals, the Patriots

Vote percentage: 72%

Funny quote:


Every moment with the greatest QB in the history of football is special. I’m sure Indy Lori could watch 15 hrs of Peyton just stretching his glute.

Great Colts of the Decade: Individual Performance

Winner: After being called out by then-Bucaneers receiver Keyshawn Johnson during the week as well as during the game, Marvin Harrison catches 11 balls for 176 yards and 2 TDs in arguably the greatest Monday Night Football comeback ever.

Vote percentage: 58%

Funny quote:

I couldn't pull myself away from the game

I paid for it the next day at work but man was it worth it!

Great Colts of the Decade: No-Name Player

Winner: Justin Snow, long snapper (2000-present)

Vote percentage: 41%

Funny quote:

Why the hell did all these people vote for Justin Snow?
He’s a frakking long-snapper for chrissakes!

Great Colts of the Decade: Cornerback

Winner: Kelvin Hayden, 2005-present

Vote percentage: 58%

Funny quote:

Woah Woah Woah....

Where is my option to vote for Tim Jennings?

Great Colts of the Decade: Undrafted Player

Winner: Gary Brackett (undrafted 2003)

Vote percentage: 82%

Funny quote:

I voted for Nick Harper!!!! Thanks for getting stabbed by your wife, Nicky!


Great Colts of the Decade: Assistant Coach

Winner: Tom Moore, offensive coordinator (2000-present)

Vote percentage: 64%

Funny quote:

I couldn't find the Russ Purnell option...

Great Colts of the Decade: Linebacker

Winner: Gary Brackett (2003-present)

Vote percentage: 71%

Funny quote:

No Gilbert Gardner?

This is an outrage!!!!

Great Colts of the Decade: Wide Receiver

Winner: Marvin Harrison (2000-2008)

Vote percentage: 71%

Funny quote:


The untouched reception for a TD against Denver, and the monster block he threw on Champ Bailey for Reggie’s TD. During the down years, seeing Marv atop the NFL leader boards was my only consolation.

Great Colts of the Decade: Running Backs

Winner: Edgerrin James (2000-2005)

Vote percentage: 93%

Funny quote:

James Mungro called

He’s NOT amused by his lack of inclusion.

Some stats about the voting:

  • 9,113 total fans on all categories
  • Biggest runaway winner was Edge with 922 votes out of 981
  • Closet category was No-Name Player, with Justin Snow winning 473 votes.
  • In the Great Assistant category, secondary coach Alan Williams received only two votes.
  • If it is not plainly obvious to you why we didn't have a "Best QB" or "Best defensive player" category, please follow these instructions.