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Stampede Blue at the Super Bowl: Colts Media Day

Media Day for the Colts just concluded, and the event was everything everyone has ever told me it was: Crazy, hectic, and over-whelming. In terms of access, Joel and I were able to ask questions of every player made available, save Peyton Manning. Manning's table was flooded with people before I could get into the room. Prior to the start of the event, which began 20 minutes late (an oddity on Media Day, or so I was told), I snapped a ton of photos. Then, I hunkered down at Pierre Garçon's media table. I was there with about 20 other media-types. I joked that the reason the players were late to the event was because the coaches wanted to rest the starters before having them accessible to the media.

They chuckled.

Pierre and the team finally entered the main room (Media Day was held inside because it is supposed to rain later), and I was able to ask him questions about Haiti, how the disaster there was affecting him, etc. He wore the Haitian flag as a bandanna during the interviews. Nice guy. People seem to like him around here.

I moved from table to table, asking questions of Dallas Clark, Gary Brackett, Joseph Addai, Clint Session, Antoine Bethea, and others. I sat in on interviews with Anthony Gonzalez, Adam Vinatieri, and other Colts who were sort of wondering through the main room, but didn't have booths of their own.

Funniest moments so far?

  • Chad Ochocinco has people here who are part of Ochocinco CNN, or something like that.
  • Pat McAfee is a riot. He got up on the podium and started asking questions of Clint Session.
  • Session said that Larry Coyer enjoys playing James Brown music just prior to a big game. He also dances to it. Session said he had "good arm movement."

Pictures and text from interviews will get posted later today. And yes, I stood in the security line to get inside next to Peter King. Continue following me on Twitter for more quick updates.