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Stampede Blue at the Super Bowl: Shannon Sharpe says hi to everyone


Yeah, this is pretty much a whirlwind type of adventure. 

One minute I'm asking questions of Joseph Addai. The next, I'm sitting down with a one-on-one interview with Shannon Sharpe. I also had the opportunity to chat with Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason, Bill Cowher, and Phil Simms. Listening to Simms rant about the "Wildcat offense" was preiceless. Cowher rooted for the Jets over the Colts because they played "tough, physical" football. Shannon Sharpe might not make many Colts fans happy with his on-air rambling, but I must admit the guy was very courteous and kind to answer questions. He also offered some funny stories about his playing days.

Oh, and Sharpe disliked the reasons for benching starters in Week Sixteen.

I'm working my way through the recorder and transcribing the interviews. Currently, we're hunkered down at the media center in Fort Lauderdale. I'm next to radio row. We can all hear Peter King and Chris Russo laughing about something that probably isn't very funny. 

Oh, and the media lounge has a pool table. Why? I don't know.