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New contract for Gary Brackett soon?

It looks like the Colts are working to re-sign Gary Brackett before he hits free agency:

Free-agent-to-be Gary Brackett has been in talks with the Colts on a new contract, reports [Jason] La Canfora. The linebacker is considered a priority, and the sides could get something done before Brackett is scheduled to hit the open market on March 5.

Brackett and safety Antoine Bethea are the two priority free agents the Colts must re-sign. Both are unrestricted come March 5th. Bethea is a restricted free agent, but teams will likely be more than willing to part with draft picks for a safety of his caliber. Defenses do not work without great safety play (just ask the Pittsburgh Steelers), and Bethea is a top tier safety. My personal preference is to get Bethea re-signed first. I want Brackett re-signed, but not at the expense of letting Bethea walk to a team like the Patriots.

That said, Gary Brackett is also the heart and soul of the Colts defense, and having him back in blue for 2010 would be huge.

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