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Colts rumored to covet Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby

LovinBlue caught this little number in The Palm Beach Post:

The Arizona Republic reported Friday that the Cardinals will not place the franchise tag on [Karlos Dansby] and will allow him to hit free agency when his contract expires March 5.

Miami, Indianapolis and the New York Giants are among the teams rumored to be in the market for the 6-foot-4, 250-pounder. A second-round pick of the Cardinals in 2004, Dansby is said to be eyeing a deal in the $30 million range.

If the Colts really and truly want Dansby, it means they have no faith with Philip Wheeler at strong side backer. It also likely means that they have no plans to give Antoine Bethea a long-term deal

Then again, as of right now, there is likely no salary cap for 2010. So, I have no idea what the Colts really can or cannot do. I just know that signing Dansby and not locking up Bethea would be colossally stupid. Also, Wheeler played well at strong side, as did Tyjuan Hagler before he landed on IR. Is Karlos Dansby really that much of an upgrade? I mean, I don't think he sucks or anything, but Wheeler is only entering his third year. He really grew up as a player from the Patriots game to the Super Bowl. I'm not sure it makes sense to sit him and spend $30 million on a free agent linebacker like Dansby, which is something the Colts NEVER do.

Revenge of the Birds has more on Dansby.

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