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Matt Stover and Hank Baskett likely gone; maybe Tim Jennings

Before we start hooting and hollering about Mike Chappell all but guaranteeing that Matt Stover, Hank Baskett, and Tim Jennings are likely not to be on the Colts roster in 2010, kindly step back and look at the big picture. Both Stover and Baskett were short-term fixes because of injuries to established veterans, namely Adam Vinatieri and Anthony Gonzalez. Both Vinny and Gonzo are expected back in 2010, making Stover (age 42) and Baskett (fourth WR, special teams guy) expendable.

This means that even if the Colts had won Super Bowl 44 and both Stover and Baskett were the heroes of the game, they likely would still be gone from this team's roster in 2010.

Tim Jennings is a different matter. I certainly do not think he was "bad" in 2009. We never saw him get beat on a deep throw, like David Macklin and Jason David. He was a good special teams tackler and a decent nickle corner. Now, does that mean he was worth taking in Round Two of the 2006 NFL Draft? Hell no! From that perspective, he's been a bust. However, he hasn't been "horrible" the way a lot of people have labeled him. But, with the ascension of Jerraud Powers and Jacob Lacey, and the likelihood that the Colts will re-sign Marlin Jackson, Jennings is just the odd man out.