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Gary Brackett wants to stay with the Colts; up to his agent not to screw things up

Gary Brackett has made it clear he wants to stay with the Colts. Now, it's up to his agent to get his deal done before March 5th:

"Gary has expressed his great desire to retire a Colt," Brackett's agent, Brian Mackler, told  The Indianapolis Star. "I'm going to do my best to honor his wishes and Bill and I are going to continue to talk."

Undrafted out of Rutgers, Brackett has risen to be a defensive captain since joining the Colts in 2003.

Team president Bill Polian has expressed his desire to keep Brackett on the roster despite the club's propensity to replenish the linebacking corps through the draft.

Polian loves Brackett, and I think it is pretty obvious that the Colts want to keep him. However, Brackett is 30, and not many teams can utilize a Tampa-2 backer like him. The Colts are the logical fit, but overpaying for a 30-year-old middle linebacker is a mistake. Brackett should get a fair deal, but if his agent is asking for something ridiculous, that would be a shame.