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New Colts Blog: The 12th Horseman

Another year, another Colts blog pops up onto the Internet. For us, it was 2006. For 18to88, it was 2007. For Indy Football Report it was 2009.

Now, in 2010, we have The 12th Horseman.


12th Horseman is a blog dedicated to the Indianapolis Colts, and by extension the NFL in general.  Our purpose is to entertain and inform.  We don’t have corporate agendas to adhere to (yet), nor are we shackled by the Colts organization (yet) or the NFL (never).  The reason this site exists is because of a few die hard Colts fans who decided they would take a little of time out of their lives every day for your entertainment.  And while we try our best to be as objective as possible, please keep in mind that this is a Colts blog, therefore we’re inherently biased, deal with it.

Also, the Patriots suck.

Simple and to the point.

12th Horseman is a great new blog with some familiar names posting the articles: Rick Browning (aka King Richard), Derek (Derek Schultz from XL 950), and Brett Mock (aka bamrock) just to name a few. The blog is fantastic with several essential features like Twitter and Facebook integration. 12th Horseman and I are already talking about how we both plan to cover the draft and training camp. 

Please stop there regularly and enjoy their content.