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Tim Tebow will not throw at 2010 NFL Combine

Not to upset Gregg Doyel, but the news today that Tim Tebow will not throw at the NFL Combine is a big, huge, GIGANTIC red flag. Tebow will throw in the nice, calm, controlled environment that is the Florida Pro Day, not the centralized scouting event at Lucas Oil Stadium this week where literally everybody and their mother will descend to watch hundreds of athletes run around in their underwear. 

I'm writing about Tebow because there is a small contingent that thinks the Colts should take a shot at him. He won't be ready for another three years anyway, and he can be "groomed" by Peyton Manning, Tom Moore, and Frank Reich to be a good QB. The logic is if those three guys cannot make you good, you suck and don't deserve to play in this league.

There is also what Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver has been saying, suggesting that the Jags draft Tebow so that he can sell tickets for them. I mean, forget the notion of making the team consistently good or anything (step #1 in that process would be firing Jack Del Rio). This is about bringing in a local celebrity, suckering thousands of fans to buy tickets, and then have said celebrity sit on the bench for the season because... well, he kind of sucks right now at the pro level. I mean, he is just now getting a pro level QB coach to work with him on his throwing motion, which was terrible in college.

All in all, Tebow has the trappings of a major bust. Spend first or second day money on a QB who is not ready is just irresponsible drafting. Obviously, Bill Polian will stay away from this kid. The Jags? I wonder.