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Shake's Combine-Eve Mock

'Twas the night before combine-mas...

Round 1
1 St Louis Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraksa The Rams lost 2 QBs to injury last season. You don't take a Franchise QB if you can't protect him. They have their LT of the future in place though, so they take the best player in the draft and wait for Jason Smith to develop.
2 Detroit Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma If the Lions weren't interested in Oher in the second half of the 1st round last year, they are going to keep rolling with their current tackles. Likely to Matt Stafford's detriment.
3 Tampa Bay
Eric Berry S Tennessee The Bucs abandoned their switch away from the Tampa-2, making Berry's experience under Monte Kiffin a plus on an already great prospect.
4 Washington Sam Bradford
QB Oklahoma The new FO in Washington isn't likely to give Jason Campbell much of a leash, if they even bring him back.
5 Kansas City Rolando McClain
ILB Alabama
The Chiefs OL may have turned the corner late in the year allowing just 8 sacks in their last 6 games after giving up 37 in their first 10. This lets them address a hole on the D and worry about the OL later.
6 Seattle Jimmy Clausen
QB Notre Dame Matt Hasselbeck is nearing the end of the line and Senneca Wallace isn't stepping into his shoes.
7 Cleveland Joe Haden CB Florida Such horrid pass D is rare with a competent pass rush. The Browns need serious coverage help.
8 Oakland Russel Okung
OT Ok State
Even Al Davis couldn't get this one wrong... right?
9 Buffalo Bruce Campbell
OT Maryland With the top QBs gone the Bills will add another piece to their young line. Hopefully giving their QB of the future to be named later, a solid foundation.
10 Jacksonville Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech Pass rush lacking Jags try that whole top 10 DE thing over again.
11 Denver Dan Williams
NT Tennessee With the 3-4 in vogue teams are taking the key pieces earlier and earlier.
12 Miami Brandon Graham
Waaaaay  too early for Cody so the Phins take the much smaller reach for a LB.
13 San Fran C.J. Spiller RB/RET Clemson Niners get a massive boost in the return game (a major asset to a defense centered team that'll be playing the field position game) and add a compliment to Frank Gore as the league continues to move to favor 2 back systems.
14 Seattle Anthony Davis
OT Rutgers Seahawks rebuild the line after getting a Franchise QB.
15 NY Giants Brian Price DT UCLA Perfect fit to shoot gaps in a 4-3
16 Tennessee Kyle Wilson
CB/RET Boise St.
Wilson got a major boost at the senior bowl and with his athleticism he's likely to get another. Wilson both solidifies the CB corps behind Finnegan and gives the Titans the returnman they desperately need.
17 San Fran Bryan Bulaga
OT Iowa Bulaga was finally back to his dominating form of 2008 in the Orange Bowl and will be well rewarded for it. He'll be more than competent at RT and able to slide to LT in a pinch.
18 Pittsburgh Earl Thomas
Texas A bit early for a guy that couldn't get under 370 for the start of pre-draft workouts, so the Steelers get a excellent complement to Polamalu
19 Atlanta Everson Griffen
DE USC Falcons pass D needs more pressure from the front 4 to improve. Griffen at DE should be a big help and won't be a hindrance against the run.
20 Houston Taylor Mays S USC Bernard Pollard gave the Texans some passable safety play, but there's a reason he was cut and the John Busing/Brian Russell combo at the other safety spot is horrendous. Mays' stock is at it's nadir as teams have had nothing to do but watch tape. His stock will shoot back up when he looks amazing in shorts and a T-shirt.
21 Cincinnati Dez Bryant
Ok St. With good workouts he's unlikely to fall this far, but a player who missed much of this past season needs to show a lot in workouts to maintain their stock.
22 New England Sergio Kindle OLB Texas The Pats are desperately in need of a pass rush.
23 Green Bay Trent Williams
OT Oklahoma Until Charles Brown shows up over 300lbs he won't break into the top 25. Williams has LT athleticism but only RT pass blocking skills at the moment. 
24 Philadelphia Carlos Dunlap
DE Florida Eagles love to bring the heat, a top rusher to put opposite Trent Cole would certainly do it.
25 Baltimore Jermaine Gresham
TE Oklahoma Todd Heap has morphed into an athletic tackle and "The Franchise Player" isn't an answer at all.
26 Arizona Brandon Spikes
ILB Florida Karlos Dansby seems likely walk away which would be a hole that needs to be filled. A high flying pass attack needs a strong pass D to prevent teams from keeping pace or closing deficits.
27 Dallas Mike Iupati G Idaho The 'Boys need OL help badly. Iupati might not be a pro LT, but the only other 1st round OT option remaining, Charles Brown, is far too light for Dallas' taste.
28 San Diego Jonathan Dwyer RB Georgia Tech LDT basically told the Chargers to shove it, so they'll need a bigger back to complement the dangerous, but severely undersized Sproles.
29 NY Jets Jared Odrick
DE Penn State
Odrick fills one of the Jets Ds few gaps
30 Minnesota Brandon Ghee
CB Wake Forest
Ghee is one of the favorites to end up on top of the CB pileup behind Haden.
31 Indianapolis Charles Brown OT USC The Colts have given up just 10 sacks, but that's a near miracle given the flaws Charlie Johnson and Ryan Diem have in pass protection. Brown will let them move CJ or Diem inside, making avoiding the rush easier on Peyton and improving the terrible run blocking.
32 New Orleans Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri Both Saints OLBs are over 30, Weatherspoon should add some more attacking speed to that D.
Round 2
33 St Louis Jason Pierre-Paul DE So. Florida The Rams DL will look like Spagnolo's Giants with Long, Suh, Carriker and Pierre-Paul
34 Detroit Jon Asamoah
OG Illinois The Lions add some OL to protect their big investment and keep their offense moving.
35 Tampa Bay Damian Williams
WR USC The Bucs need a WR upgrade if they want Josh Freeman to succeed.
36 Kansas City Terrence Cody NT Alabama Cody will make some 3-4 very happy on 1st and 2nd down each Sunday, and very frustrated the vast remainder of the week.
37 Washington Vladimir Ducasse OT Massachusetts
The new Redskins regime needs to protect their QB of the future
38 Cleveland Ryan Matthews
RB Fresno St.
A big back to fill the Lewis role in complement to Jerome Harrison
39 Oakland Arthur Jones
DT Syracuse A stout DT to a D that was sub par against the run overall, up the middle and in power situations.
40 Seattle Greg Hardy
DE Mississippi Seahawks snag a very talented DE who will be a massive boost to a sub-par pass rush if he's healthy and motivated.
41 Buffalo Ricky Sapp
OLB Clemson Buffalo will need to pour picks into the D to make the 3-4 conversion work anytime soon.
42 Tampa Bay Navarro Bowman OLB Penn State
Even if Ruud stays the Bucs could use some more LB talent.
43 Miami Morgan Burnett
S Georgia Tech
The Dolphins were consistently beaten deep on defense, tying for the league lead in passes of 40+ allowed, and slotting in at 3rd for passes of 20+ given up.
44 New England Javhid Best
RB Cal
The Pats upgrade from the RB hodgepodge of recent history.
45 Denver Maurkice Pouncey C/G Florida Denver's running game was generally strong, but repeatedly failed in short yardage. Shoring up the middle should fix that.
46 NY Giants Chad Jones
S LSU The Giants don't have much back there at safety.
47 New England Tyson Alualu DT Cal The Pats add another piece to the ailing front 7
48 Carolina Golden Tate
WR Notre Dame The Panthers passing O needs a target across from Steve Smith
49 San Francisco Devin McCourty
CB Rutgers
The Niners had one of the best pass rushes in the league, but the overall pass D, while good, didn't live up to the rush.
50 Kansas City Mike Johnson
G Alabama Chiefs shore up the OL.
51 Houston Brandon LaFell
A great compliment to Andre Johnson, so the Texans can keep lighting it up on O.
52 Pittsburgh Jake Fox
OT Miami While much of the Steelers sacks come from Big Ben's style, there's more they could do to protect him.
53 New England Eric Norwood
LB South Carolina
Versatile pass rushing LB to add to the Pats aging front 7
54 Cincinnati Rob Gronkowski
TE Arizona With a top TE and WR added to the O the Bengals should get their passing game back off the ground.
55 Philadelphia Donovan Warren
CB Michigan An explosive O without a strong pass D plays shootouts every week.
56 Green Bay Jerry Hughes
With OT addressed the Packers can work on replacing Aaron Kampman. The TCU edge rushers stock seems to be slipping, but he's a great fit in a 3-4.
57 Baltimore Patrick Robinson
CB Florida St.
The CB spots are the weakest point of a very good Ravens D.
58 NY Jets Dominque Franks
CB Oklahoma
Revis is great, but the CBs opposite him can be exploited by the Pierre Garçons and Austin Collies of the world.
59 Arizona Jason Worlids
DE/OLB Virginia Tech
An explosive offense needs to be complimented with a pass rush on D to prevent weekly shootouts.
60 Dallas Arrelious Benn
WR Illinois
Roy Williams still isn't working out. If he doesn't turn it around Benn can be the big target out wide.
61 Minnesota Willie Young
Vikings add an edge rusher to insure the heat stays on, even in Ray Edwards departs.
62 San Diego Corey Wootten
DE Norwestern The Chargers reinforce a DL that struggled against the run without Jamal Williams
63 Indianapolis Daryl Washington MLB TCU Gary Brackett looks likely to be re-signed, but a replacement will be needed down the line and Washington would be able to play well at OLB for as long Brackett held up.
64 New Orleans D'Anthony Smith
DT Lousiana Tech Run D was the teams weakest phase.
Round 3
65 St. Louis T.J. Ward S Oregon With the DL beasting, some DB help to collect up all the hurried passes.
66 Detroit Perrish Cox
CB Ok. St.
DB help for a team that tied with Miami for the most passes over 40 yards allowed.
67 Tampa Bay George Selvie
DE So. Florida
The Bucs are also in need of another pass rusher, and pickup a rush DE.
68 Kansas City Demaryious Thomas
WR Georgia Tech
The broken foot will prevent him from rising up the board, but really how long can GMs resist a size-speed combo like Bey-Bey?
69 Washington Forfeit X X Pick used in '09 Supplement Draft
70 Oakland John Jerry
OG Mississippi
With a rebuilt OL the Raiders could actually use those big armed QBs and burner WRs.
71 Philadelphia Nate Allen
S Buffalo
With a new edge rusher, CB and S the Eagles pass D should take a massive leap forward
72 Cleveland Reshad Jones
S Georgia
The Browns pass rush was far better than the coverage, two new DBs should help that.
73 Buffalo Cam Thomas
A NT to drop down in the middle of the Bills new 3-4
74 Miami Torrell Troup NT Cent. Florida
An upgrade at each level of the D should give the Dolphins an even better compliment to their pounding ground O.
75 Jacksonville Tim Tebow QB Florida By the 3rd round, football and finance interests are close enough to justify the pick.
76 Chicago Kyle Calloway
OT Iowa
The downgrade in WRs and OL really derailed Cutler, with no picks in the first 2 rounds the Bears can only address one of those problems at a time.
77 NY Giants Matt Tennant C Boston College
A team with the Giants stable of RBs, a credible passing threat and a generally good OL shouldn't rank in the 20s in power running and running between the tackles.
78 Tennessee Jermaine Cunningham
DE Florida The Titans pass rush was majorly lacking last year.
79 Carolina Lamarr Houston
DT Texas An athletic DT for the Panthers Ron Meeks Tampa-2
80 San Francisco J.D. Walton
C/G Baylor Two fresh talents on the OL should boost the Niners struggling O.
81 Denver Jerome Murphy
So. Florida
The Champ is on his last legs
82 Texans Toby Gerhart
RB Stanford Texans pick up a bigger back to compliment the shifty Slaton
83 Pittsburgh
Amari Spievey
CB Iowa
With the OL and S spots addressed and no NTs of value available the Steelers go to the next weakest spot on D.
84 Atlanta Sy'Quan Thompson CB Alabama They lost a very good CB last year and suffered for it.
85 Cincinnati Darrell Stuckey S Kansas Roy Williams is still in the league?  Really?
86 Oakland Sean Lee
MLB Penn State
Lee gives the Raiders a great 3 LB lineup.
87 Green Bay Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB Indiana (PA) Big CB for the Pack's physical style
88 Philadelphia A.J. Edds OLB Iowa
Edds was a poor mans' Chad Greenway in college, that's enough for a top 90 pick.
89 Cleveland Brandon Lang
DE Troy The Browns pass rush wasn't bad, but upgrades are certainly possible
90 Baltimore Mardy Gilyard
WR Cincinnati Derrick Mason can't go on forever, and they don't really have a great #2 WR option either.
91 Arizona Kareem Jackson
CB Alabama
talented DBs are great to have when your O is forcing opponents to go pass heavy
92 Dallas Jared Veldheer OT Hillsdale With a stud G and a RT prospect Romo might not be running for his life all season.
93 Minnesota Colt McCoy
QB Texas Who is the QB in 2 years?  A 42 year old Favre? Tavaris? The Rosenchoppa?
94 San Diego Rodger Saffold
OT Indiana That high flying O comes to a crashing halt without great protection
95 Indianapolis Javier Arenas
CB Alabama Can contribute in the nickel/dime, but his real value would be upgrading the Colts terrible return game
96 New Orleans Zane Beadles OT/G Utah (see Chargers pick's comments)