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Know Your Colts History: Mike Curtis would be Bob Sanders' dad, if Bob Sanders wasn't his own father


I try to avoid invoking the Baltimore Colts in Know Your Colts History posts when possible, except when it comes to .  I really do.  Nothing good ever comes from stirring up debate between two passionate fan bases who both feel the team belongs to their respective city.

Luckily, this post shouldn't start any flame wars because it really doesn't have anything to do with the fight between the two cities.  All I want to do is focus on Mike Curtis, a legend every football fan should appreciate.

There are certain players whose furor is both heard and seen on the field.  The level of rage in these players runs so high that you don't even have to see the expression on their face to understand how angrily they play the game.  In an era where such players were the norm, rather than the exception, Mad Dog Mike Curtis stood out.  

If this video doesn't make you want to play like Mike Curtis, you don't enjoy the game of football.