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Stampede Blue at the Super Bowl: Thoughts from 2/3/10 Colts Press Conference


Tom Moore, right, at the media event this morning


OK, press conferences like today are FAAAAAAAARRRRRRR better than Media Day. Absolutely no question about it. Oh, and just a little FYI for those of you who are curious, the NFL granted me my "press" credentials. This means all the players and coaches are accessible to me on the same level as folks like Paul Kuharsky, John Clayton, and Bob Kravitz.

So, that whole "No Bloggers!" rule the Colts hold over me? Means nothing here.

The Colts do not control my access. The NFL does. It's very refreshing, and for the life of me I have no idea why teams like the Colts work so hard to limit their access. This morning, I had several very fun and very stimulating conversations with Ray Rychleski, Tom Moore, and Gene Huey, just to name a few. I LOVE Gene Huey! The guy is just awesome to talk football to. Tom Moore is everything people have written about him. He's your granddad, full of old Korea and Vietnam stories; how football terms are taken from military lingo, stuff like that.

Ray Rychleski? Cool guy. We talked about coaching Pat McAfee, installing his brand of special teams with the team, and how impressed he was with the level of work and preparation the players in the Colts organization put into their craft. He told me his big worry taking a pro job was that the pro atheletes would loaf a bit because they are getting paid. Not so with the Colts.

Players interviewed today: Marlin Jackson, Donald Brown, Fili Moala, Curtis Painter, and Tim Jennings. Yes, I asked Tim many of the questions you have wanted him to answer (Why do people seem to target him?) I have to say, he didn't dodge the question. After talking with him, I've got some appreciation for Tim I didn't have before.

After the jump, I have additional observations from the morning press event. Chew on these while I dive head long into the boring, mindless work that is transcribing my interviews with the players and coaches. I'll post photos in a few minutes as well.

Other notes:

  • I ignored the press conferences and focused more on interviewing players and coaches who were just hanging out. I mean literally hanging out; sitting at tables, drinking coffee, reading the paper, listening to iPods, playing portable video games, etc. This provided me the kind of stuff I never get access to, and that is not available in official transcripts or press releases or anything like that.
  • Transcribing. interviews. is. very. annoying. I was chatting with John Oehser, who is here, and he often tells me the bane of life itself is transcribing audio.
  • I just chatted with Mike Chappell. Nice guy. He knew who I was and apprecaited the kind words I often send his way. We joked that Bob Kravitz often doesn't get similar treatment.
  • When I approached Fili Moala for an interview, he was finishing up playing (I think) Sims 3 on his phone.
  • Lots of people are wanted to talk with Adam Vinatieri. Getting any time with him was near impossible.
  • Raheem Brock is hilarious. He talked to ESPN's Len Pasquarelli about how he loves playing linebacker in Larry Coyer's system. I'm holding off bashing Len for a while. I know many of you remember me slacking him around in years past. He's back in the biz after a long fight against what was a pretty serious medical ailment. Now, he looks happy, active, and slim. Yes, slim.
  • Some media people down here are indeed the pricks we make them out to be. 
  • To my left, four national writers are sitting around and debating the Hall of Fame candidacy of Marvin Harrison. I'm close to walking over and decking them. But, I'll hold off.
  • Tom Moore coached a military football team in Korea when he was on active duty. The dude is a fountain of football knowledge. I could listen to him ramble all day.
  • I asked Gene Huey why he has not gotten a coordinator job. His answer was outstanding.