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Stampede Blue at the Super Bowl: Funny moment of the day

This actually happened earleir today...

(BBS walks over to a man seated at one of the press tables. The man is lean, somewhat tall, wearing a dark suit.)

BBS: Hi, Mike?

Mike Florio: Yes?

BBS: I'm Brad Wells of

(Mike stands up, shakes my hand, smiles.)

Mike Florio: Hi!

BBS: I've been meaning to walk over and introduce myself, but you've always looked so busy running around.

Mike Florio: Usually, I'm looking for a bathroom.

(We laugh.)

Florio: Wait, are you "BigBlueShoe?"

BBS: Yes, I am.

Mike Florio: So, I have to ask, do you still feel "dirty?"

BBS: Very.

(We both laugh again.)

Again, true story. Mike and I spoke for about ten minutes after that. He was very courteous and polite, which is not something I've been to him on the Internets. Of course, we spoke about Bill Polian, but the substance of that talk I will keep between Mike Florio and myself. 

Yes, he reads this blog.