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Stampede Blue at the Super Bowl: Jim Caldwell's Friday Press Conference

There's more press running around the media center today due in large part to Jim Caldwell holding his final pre-game press conference here as opposed to the Colts hotel, where all previous press events have occurred since the team arrived.

For me, yesterday was 14 hours of interviews, photos, writing, and transcribing. I spoke with John Oehser, who has been a great friend during this whole media slam dance, and I told him I was overwhelmed by all the work. "It's like that for everyone here."

Our interview with SI's Peter King will get posted sometime around noon Eastern. Other than the press conferences, today is a pretty slow news day. So, I have time to sit down and transcribe the interview. For those of you wondering "How did it go?" I'll just state very simply that it is now very hard for me to dislike Peter King. Listening to him talk, seeing him pontificate on subjects I care about, it was pretty cool. Rather unfairly, we bloggers have lumped King in with some of the other rather obvious jerk-offs in the media world. And trust me, some of the same people we rag on here at Stampede Blue are indeed here in South Florida. Most of them are, at this very moment, sitting less than 20 feet from me! And yes, many are indeed major league scmhucks in person.

Peter King is not one of them.

Hopefully, after you read our interview with him, where he discusses blogs, NFL fans, the names people call him, new media, his opinions on the Colts, and his favorite beer, you'll see Peter in a different light; one free of "coffee-nerdness" and "loveletters" to Brett Favre. In the two hours I spoke to Peter yesterday (about an hour in the morning, and an hour last night in his hotel's bar), I talked to an unpretentious, honest, good-natured guy who is most certainly not the incompetent, entitled fool I, and many others, have painted him as.