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Reggie Wayne tweaks knee in practice; reports say he's fine

At today's practice, which was the final practice session for the Colts as they prepare for Super Bowl 44, Reggie Wayne tweaked his knee. From what I am hearing here at the NFL Media Center in South Florida, everything is fine. Peter King recently Tweeted:

Just leaving Colt practice. Pool report out soon. Reggie Wayne left practice early; aggravated knee injury. Don't see it as a big story.

No one around here is running around as if it is as well. And trust me, if Reggie Wayne were hurt on the last practice before the Super Bowl, people would be nuts around here.The bigger story is Dwight Freeney not practicing today even though reports said he was going to try and do so.

Again, general thought around here is Freeney will play, but will be limited to third down passing situations.